Genesis Process© Guarantee

We are so sure that our process will increase your profit we are willing to take the risk with you. Here is how The Genesis Process© Guarantee works. Anytime within 30 days of the completion of The Genesis Process© you may indicate to us that you would like to invoke the Guarantee. We will at that time as a good faith act place 50% of your fee in escrow.

The Guarantee is based on our belief and experience that your gross profits will grow as a result of the process. That means the solutions the process reveals need to be implemented over the course of the year. We will consult on a monthly basis (at our normal fee) with your organization as a facilitator to help with the implementation of the solutions.

If after one year your gross profits have not increased over the previous year, the entire amount of our service fee including the consulting will be refunded to you. Therefore, you will have paid nothing for The Genesis Process©. If on the other hand your gross profits do increase as we expect them to, we will receive an additional fee of 10% of the gross profits over that amount they were the previous year.

As an example, if your gross profits were $80,000.00 in 2008 and $90,000.00 in 2009 then the increase would be $10,000.00. Therefore, our fee would be the cost of the process, consulting and 10% of $10,000.00 or an additional $1,000.00.

Gross profits will be based on CPA certified tax returns for the year before and after the process. Therefore, if we do not accomplish our mission you pay nothing. However, when we do, we share in the reward. That is The Genesis Process© Guarantee. We believe we are one of the only or very few organizational improvement processes that guarantees their results.

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